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Aaron's letter to Lina


I know you’re pretending to read my Valentine’s note for the first time. You’re standing in front of me, cheeks flushed and hanging on to your best poker face. You can keep it up a little longer if it will make you happy. I’ll wait. Even with that stubborn frown, you’re still the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.

Ah. There it is, that smile I love so much.

It’s okay, baby. I know you read my first note weeks ago. I knew you would search my drawers for it after you caught me writing it. You cleared your throat and shook your keys to give me time to hide it, but I knew better. I know the woman I love. That’s why I decided to write you a new one. To catch you off guard.

You think we’re staying in tonight. That I’m lighting candles, opening a bottle of the Spanish wine we brought to New York and cooking for you. That’s why you knew to wear those loose jeans you find so comfortable and secretly drive me crazy.

We’re not staying home.

Once, you bought yourself a date with me. You fought tooth and nail for it. That night, I realized I was helpless where you were concerned. Defenseless. So I promised myself that I’d do anything in my power to take you on it. To take you on as many dates as you’d ever want. To give you anything you’d ever need.

And I’m a man of my word.

That’s why I’m not cooking for you tonight. I have every other night to do that. Tonight, I’m giving you what I promised you six months ago.

Tonight, we are going on a date at the dog shelter.

So leave those comfy jeans on.

And now, let me see that big smile again, baby. Let me kiss it. Cherish it. Treasure it as much as I treasure you. Let me fight every day for a new one.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Catalina. The first of a lifetime of them.




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