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do you write in English or Spanish?

Even though my mother tongue is Spanish, I write all my novels in English. There's no reasoning behind that except the fact that it comes more naturally to me to do so. There's also no strategy or conscious decision in doing so, it simply flows out of me that way :)

do you translate your novels to Spanish yourself?

I don't take part in the translation of my work to Spanish, I leave that to the professionals with the skills (and time) to do that. I do however have the privilege to sometimes read, be asked, and occasionally approve certain things like tone, humor or the translation of some jokes. I love all of the translations that have been published.

will we ever get Aaron Blackford's pov novel? 

not at the moment ––which doesn't mean never. But not for now.

what's going on with the TSLD movie?

the moment I get updates I can share, I promise you, I will scream them from the rooftops.

is there going to be a sequel to any of your novels?

I don't personally believe in sequels. My MO is to do spin offs and give you glimpses of the characters you've already met. All my novels are standalones that end in a HEA, and I don't see that changing any time soon. I do, however, believe in bonus epilogues. You can definitely expect those from me :)

what are you working on right now?

I'm currently working on The Short List, which will follow Matthew and Josie (characters you meet in The Long Game). They are two messy, chaotic individuals who hate being dependable and the idea of ever becoming a liability. I basically thrust them into a misunderstanding that soon bleeds into an agreement: an engagement of convenience. They'll pretend they're happily engaged, and in exchange, they'll both get something out of it. It's only temporary, naturally. So what do they have to loose?

As for other projects. I definitely have *ideas* (some of which will probably surprise you).

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